Friday, September 25, 2009

Just for you Sis.

I know it is a little early for Halloween pictures but my One and ONLY sister keeps reminding me that Halloween is coming and that she still hasn't seen my kids Halloween pictures from last year.

Every time I look at these pictures I just smile and hope that this year won't be so hectic.
I am reminded of what a challenge it was to find a cape for Gavin.  It shouldn't have been so difficult but we could NOT find a kids cape anywhere and finally found a short adult cape which luckily worked just fine. Plus, I borrowed a red vest that had to be tailored to fit. 

Then there was Britton who wanted to be a Werewolf - BUT - he didn't want the werewolf costumes in the store that had masks and "just made you look like a wolf."  So, after looking at every possible Halloween/Costume store, I ended buying fake fur, ripping a pair of old jeans and a flannel shirt, and SEWING, his costume together. Then, we had to put brown make-up on his face and glue, yes GLUE fur to his face.

I am actually really proud of myself, because I am not a seemstress.  What should take no time at all or looks like it should be really easy takes me FOREVER! 

Regardless, their costumes were super cute and they LOVED them.

The other reason I can't quit smiling when I look at these pictures is that little Addi was
of her brothers.  It took a long time to convince her that they were not going to hurt her and that they were "nice monsters".  In fact, it took a lot of convincing for her to believe that the "monsters" were actually Britton and Gavin.
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On your Mark, Get set, ...


The Pinewood derby seemed to sneak up on us this year.  In fact, I looked at the calendar and was shocked , actually panicked a little, when I noticed that the pinewood derby was in just 1 Week!  Normally Jason and Britton work on Britton's car for weeks trying to get the design AND paint just right.  However, when I, in a panic, told Jason he only had 1 week until pack meeting, he calmly said, "Hmmm, you are probably right."

I, of course, wasn't so calm and really had to work hard to keep my mouth shut.  HOW in the world were they going to get a car done in less than 1 Week?

Despite all of my innner turmoil, Britton and Jason came up with an AMAZINGLY, Fun and Unique car.

YES, it is a pencil and the lead really does write.
The cub scouts got to name their cars.

The No. 2 Pencil became...

"Do Your Homework"

Jason and Britton had so much fun working on this car together.  It was fun to see them both get excited about the design and find ways to make it into a real pencil.

Way to go Britton!!!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What is going on with the formatting on my blog posts?  It is driving me crazy because when I type the posts the formatting is very different than when I actually post it.  I am super frustrated because Addisyn's birthday layout is all squished together without spacing.  However, when I was typing it, there were a lot of spaces between paragraphs and pictures.  AHHHHH!!!! Obviously I am still an amature blogger and it still takes me forever to get a post done so it is even more frustrating when it doesn't look right. 

Happy Birthday Addisyn!

Addisyn turned 3 last Friday, September 11.  Her Favorite book right now is "Alice The Fairy" by David Shannon so it was really fun to celerate with all of her friends by having a Fairy Party.
I was lucky enough to find matching fiary wings and fairy skirts so each little girl was "transformed" into a fairy when she arrived.
After their wands were decorated, we played "fairy freeze dance"
while they danced to the "Tinkerbell" soundtrack.
They were all SO cute and had so much fun dancing and pretending to be real fairies.
Did somebody say FAIRY DUST?
Hopefully the sugar rush wore off before bedtime.
The Cake
After the party the race was on to get Addi's birthday cake done.  I had invited Addi's grandparents and great aunts over for dinner and cake and ice cream but it all had to be ready in time for people to eat, Britton to get to soccer practice, and for my parents to get to the airport.
Thanks to Gina - my amazingly talented Sister-In-Law - helping me all afternoon, I was able to decorate this fun Tinkerbell cake.
Addi and Mason had so much fun playing all day.
They couldn't stop giggling and laughing and thought everything was Hillarious.
All throughout the day on Wednesday, Addi kept whispering to me "I want princess music". 

 It was so cute to see the expression on her face when she opened her Disney princess CD.
Addi was spoiled with Barbies, music, movies, money and dress-ups.  I think Gavin had as much fun with the dress-ups as Addi.  He was being so silly and dancing all over the living room.  He is such a good big brother and so willing to entertain and cater to Addi.
Happy Birthday Monkey!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!...One Month Late.

Gavin's Birthday was August 13th, and it always seems that something, some event, falls on the same day as his birthday. This year Britton ended up having a soccer tournament the day of Gavin's birthday with a game at 4:30 pm. and a game at 7:30 pm. Normally the kids get to pick their favorite dinner and have cake and ice cream with cousins and friends but that just didn't work this year. SO...Gavin decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday this year by going out to breakfast. He originally chose IHOP, then changed his mind and wanted to go to McDonalds....THEN, for some reason....(not sure how that happened..HA! HA!)  He decided IHOP would be a better choice.

Breakfast was great!  It was fun to spend some time with grandma and grandpa and open a few presents at the same time.
Our original plan was to give Gavin a couple presents at breakfast, one around lunch time, and then a couple of presents at dinner.  We thought this would give him something to look forward to all day and not fee like we had forgotten him after breakfast...BUT...He couldn't wait.  He opened all of them as soon as we got home from IHOP.
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We got home so late from Britton's tournament that cake and ice cream had to wait.  In fact, Gavin's birthday was Thursday, Jason went camping with the scouts Friday - Saturday, so cake, candles and ice cream all happened Saturday night.
Gavin is a little dare-devil.  He LOVES extreme sports and is constantly building bigger, better, higher jumps for his bike and 4-wheeler.  I was really excited when I saw a picture of a skateboard cake - it just fit Gavin'g personality perfectly.  The only problem was, his cake was not supposed to be a yellow and pink skateboard, it was supposed to be yellow and RED.  So  much for liquid food just kept getting pinker and pinker. 
Even with all of the confusion and chaos on Gavin's birthday, we had a great time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School?

How is it that school has started already?

Where did the summer go?

It seems to me like summer was just getting started when it abruptly ended.
maybe I was just really slow getting into the groove of summer.
Either way, it makes my heart a little sad knowing that summer has once again come and gone, my kids are off on their own for 6+ hours a day, and fall is just around the corner.

Britton started the 4th grade this year....

He loves Spanish Immersion.

He is an awesome soccer player.

He is currently into collecting Bakugan and spends every dime he earns on them.

His favorite computer game is Wizard 101.

He is smart, silly, sensitive, dependable, a great friend, and I can't get enough of his cute smile and contagious laugh.

Gavin started the 2nd grade this year....

He is excited to learn Spanish in the Spanish Immersion program.

He loves all sports and is starting flag football.

He would rather be outside on his 4-Wheeler or bike jumping dirt hills than anything else.

His bright eyes and silly faces make me smile and when he starts to giggle I can't help but start laughing with him.

He is sweet, sensitive, silly, daring, determined and defiant all crammed into one.

Addi THOUGHT she was going to school with the boys this year....

She got up early.

Dressed in her new school outfit.

Grabbed her backpack.

Posed for "1st day of school pictures".

and then proudly said "Bye, Bye. I see you later mommy".

She excitedly jumped in the car with Jason and the boys and headed off for school. She patiently walked through the school halls next to Jason and walked to boys to their classrooms and then asked "Where is my class Daddy?"
She is so eager to grow up and be a big kid like her brothers.
Her enthusiasm and innocence bring a smile to my face.
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My Little Ballerina!

Addi started her "dancing class" this week.

She excitedly chose, and adamantly insisted on wearing her new "pink dancing suit", her "pink dancing dress" , and her "shiny black dancing shoes".



Ballet was first so we took her to "dancing class" dressed in her tiny, pink ballet slippers with tap shoes and bag in hand.

When we got to the dance studio she quickly followed her teacher, found her spot on the floor, and didn't stop smiling the entire hour.

This little girl breaks my heart.
She is sweet, sassy, silly, independent and determined
and definitely knows exactly what she wants.
(And she usually gets it)
I Love her with all of my heart.
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