Thursday, March 31, 2011


 Could it be that nice spring weather has finally arrived?!?
I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of my kids enjoying the WARM spring day.
Even if it only lasts for today..... 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Jesus' phone number

Addisyn and I were having one of those days today.  She didn't go to bed last night like she was supposed to - instead she kept coming out of her room "needing" to tell me something, or once in her room I would find her playing at her table with toys or looking at books.  Needless to say, it made her very tired, and SASSY and DEMANDING all day.  She had been sent to time out several times - which only made her cry and then get mad at me because she wanted her blanket.  There were times that I thought I was going to lose it because I was SO tired of it, and several times that I just laughed at the way she was acting and talking - really if you had heard her she was talking and sassing like a spoiled teen-ager - My laughing at her only made her madder which made me laugh harder. 

Since Addi and I were the only ones home, we had Eggo waffles for dinner.  Her response  - now picture this in the sassiest little voice you can - "Great, waffles! and they don't even have SPRINKLES on them!"  I told her that sassy little girls don't get sprinkles on their waffles and if she had asked nicely she probably would have had sprinkles.  Instead she had to eat the waffles "without sprinkles"!  While she was eating I picked up the phone to call my mom.  Of course, in the same snotty, sassy voice , Addi asked "WHO are YOU calling?"  When I told her I was calling grandma she asked "WHY?!"  I was still laughing at her sassy attitude.  Just as my mom answered I told Addi I was calling grandma to get Jesus' phone number.  Her face immediately changed from sassy, to scared, shocked and sad with the biggest, saddest frown on her face.  She then started to cry and said "I don't want you to call Jesus"  I asked "why don't you want me to call Jesus?"  And she said, still crying and hugging her blanket, "because I don't want him to kill me."  I told her I was not going to call Jesus and that Jesus would not kill her.  I felt bad that it scared her but my mom and I could not stop laughing. 

Addi really is a sweetheart (most of the time) and she LOVES Jesus, so threatening her with a phone call to let him know she was being naughty broke her heart.
I think I might have found a new way to get her to behave - The next time she is being naughty - I just might pick up the phone and tell her that I am calling Jesus.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Dance!

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of Britton and Jayden playing "Just Dance" the other day. It made me smile every time I walked by the family room or stole a look from the kitchen. They were having so much fun dancing to song after song after song - I am not even sure how long they played, but it seemed like a really long time.
They both have some pretty good moves and can shake it like nobody's business.

I love how serious Britton looks - major concentration on the TV trying to get the moves down. And I love that Jayden just smiled the entire time.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cookie Creation

How does a cookie with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, a dash of oatmeal, coconut, peanut butter chips, carmel, and marshmallows sound?.....
That is the creation that Addisyn and her cousin Mayci came up with today. They were SO excited to bake something and decided that regular cookies just wouldn't be good enough. I definitely had my doubts when every ingredient that was set on the cupboard was added to their cookie dough. However, it was their creation and I told them they could add whatever they wanted to them. When they got done, all of the boys (Britton, Jayden, & Gavin) got to be the tasters and try to guess what was in their piece of cookie dough - and you know....they got it right!
The cookies aren't too bad.  The carmel is a little hard to chew but other than that...they are really
Sweet & Rich!

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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day was pretty uneventful at our house this year. Usually I at least try to have an all green dinner but with both boys having soccer practice at different times in different locations, it just didn't happen this year.
But, Addi did make a DARLING hat at preschool that she proudly wore and showed off to all of us.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Eye Day 3

I guess you can say that day 3 is better in some ways and worse in others, but mostly better.
Better:   The swelling is not as bad, he went to school, he can smile now, and he actually let me take pictures today.
Worse:   The bruising - it is getting darker, more colorful, and is clear down into his cheek (almost to his chin). - I am really hoping it is just really badly bruised (lots of tissue damage) and not a cracked or broken cheek bone.

I love this little guy. He has been so tough - even stayed at soccer practice the day it happened. He went to school today and made it through the millions of stares and questions from kids and teachers. And, despite it all, he still plays as hard as ever and cries when a ball (soccer ball, dodge ball, or basketball) accidentally hits his face but keeps on going.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Eye Day 2

Gavin still didn't want his picture taken this morning but at least he tried to smile. I keep telling him that one day he is going to be glad I took pictures ... he doesn't believe me yet.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Coen

It's Official! We have a new nephew/cousin in our family!
My younger brother and his wife were blessed to adopt an ADORABLE little boy this past weekend.  Jason and I were able to see him hours after he was born but the kids had to wait until he came home from the hospital.  When they finally got to see him Monday, they couldn't stop smiling.
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Nice Shiner!


This is how Gavin walked in the door from soccer practice today. Apparently the coach was having the kids race each other. They had to run as fast as they could to the coach and give him a "five". The only problem with his plan was that instead of holding his hands in front of him and to the side, he decided to hold them behind his back so that the kids had to run around behind him from each side to slap his hand and win. I hope he realized that it was a REALLY dumb idea when Gavin and another player collided!

I feel so bad for him.  He can't smile, close his eyes, or chew without it hurting.  The worst part is, he normally LOVES soccer practice but today he didn't want to go and I made him.
I feel SO guilty.
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