Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Trip...

Before school got out my friends and I had a pretty good system...every Wednesday we got together for lunch, either at someone's house or to one of our favorite hot spots (Cafe Rio, Zupas, Kneaders, Rumbi...the list goes on and on). That worked so well that we thought once school was out we would plan a little outing every Wednesday with the kids. That hasn't happened so fact, not at all until today. We took the kids to the Kennecott Copper Mine. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and the only thing I could remember was the giant tire outside the visitor center, and I mean giant. Each tire weighs over 10,000 lbs. and is 12 feet 6 inches tall.

We all had a great time watching the trucks drive through the mine, looking at all of the artifacts they had outside and learning about all of the ways copper is used and mined. Not only was it fun but Britton earned a tour patch for cub scouts by answering two sheets worth of questions about the mine, copper and other minerals. Way to go Britton!

After the mine tour we stopped in Herriman at a little splash park; had lunch, played on the playground and cooled off in the water.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4th of July!!!

I realize I should have posted the 4th of July before the 24th of July. But, I figure late is better than never.

For the past few years our 4th of July plans have always been the same and I have Loved it. We have always spent it with family and friends, enjoying the neighborhood party, a BBQ at our house, and an amazing fireworks display ( put on by Jason, Darren and the boys) in front of our house in our little cul-de-sac. This year however, was a little different. My parents, who always spend the 4th of July with us, were out of town, our friends had family in town and were spending it with them, we somehow didn't get or misplaced our invite to the big neighborhood party, and Darren had been at Lake Powell all week, so we didn't have plans....which was a little weird. We thought about going down to the condo in St. George but the kids quickly changed our minds when they reminded us that they always spend the 4th with Jayden and Tegan and wanted to stay and play with friends for the 4th.
Not having plans ended up being just fine. We were invited by friends to go to the parade in Provo, which we did and had amazing seats. Thanks Beau and Leslie (or should I thank their cousins) for camping out on Freedom Blvd. and saving us a spot on the front row. The kids Loved it. We stopped at Krispie Kreme for hot donuts and took a cooler full of juice, chocolate milk, milk and water. The highlights for Addi were the big balloon floats and the Cougar cheerleaders giving her a "High 5". Gavin thought catching a T-shirt and the candy was the greatest ever.....even though the T-shirt is too big for his dad, and Britton had fun with it all...especially giving "high 5's" to the National Guard/Army guys.

After the parade we hooked up with Darren, Sheryl and kids to go boating. Normally this would have been the greatest part of the day, but Jason ended up "face-planting" while wake-boarding and ended up with a concussion. While Jason tried to remember what day it was and why his teeth hurt so bad, the kids rode the tube until Darren got tired of driving in circles.

Instead of BBQ-ing at our house, we ended up at Cindy's. Which was a good thing for me....I had plenty of help from Jason's siblings. By this time Jason needed a little "babysitting" and I needed help while I cooked dinner, fed kids, and ran home for Addi's medicine. Needless to say, I do not have as many pictures of fireworks or festivities this year.

July 24th - "Pioneer Day"

For the 24th of July we decided to hike to Stuart Falls with Friends. The kids had a great time and it was a fun, easy long as you were able to stay away from all of the stinging nettle lining both sides of the trail.

The waterfalls were amazing! and great way to cool off after a long hike. I had forgotten how big they really were. Gavin, Jordyn, and Ashtyn were all brave enough to "shower" in the waterfall....Britton however, decided that a mist of the cold water was plenty for him.

Addi is not one for getting splashed or sprayed by cold water. She decided to stay and play next to the river instead. When I told her to look at me because I wanted to take a cute picture of her, This is what I got. She makes me laugh!!!!

On the way back, the kids climbed a water tower, posed for pictures, and Addi took a little nap. I think she has hiking figured out.

Food..Family...Fun!!! It wouldn't be the 24th of July without a BBQ at mom's house and fireworks. After a long day hiking it was good to just relax and hang out while the kids (and adults) played.

FINALLY Blogging...

So I have only been wanting to start a blog..and talking about it for a couple of years now. Not bad right...not unless you consider that fact that I had my sister-in-law help me set it up over a month ago and I am still trying to figure it out. That should help explain the name of my blog...Just COE! already. I am realizing I just need to get it done whether it takes mo forever or not.

I am hoping this will help me keep track of all of the things I actually do so I can not only show the kids when they are saying they are bored and never do anything, but to also help ME realize that we do a lot of things even when I don't feel like we have.