Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One of THOSE Days

Have you EVER had one of those days?!?!...
You know, the one where you had your day planned out, you knew EXACTLY what you were going to get done, where you were going to go, and you just KNEW it was going to be a fabulous day because you were going to be so productive that at the end of the day you would just sit back and think...."I am AWESOME!!!!" because of all of the things you were able to accomplish.
BUT, Nothing went as Planned!

That was exactly how my day went today.
It started out all wrong.  Gavin woke up sick and stayed home from school, Britton got up too late to walk with me up to the school so I drove him and had to do my work out later, and what was supposed to be a quick trip to the dentist to get one tooth pulled ended by having 4, yes 4 teeth pulled instead.

About a week ago Britton got hit really hard in a tournament soccer game and broke one of his teeth.  I knew it needed to be pulled so I made the appointment and took him in today.  After taking x-rays, the dentist informed me that he had 4 teeth that needed to be pulled because the permanent teeth were coming in and didn't have room.  He (the dentist) originally didn't want to pull all 4 since 1 was on the right side of his mouth and 3 were on the left side which would mean having his whole mouth numb and probably missing a day of school.  However, after taking a closer look, we decided to pull all 4 teeth!

Britton trying to drink his Mountain Dew (a big NO, NO) but the dentist said to give him something with caffeine in it because it makes the Novocaine wear off faster. - Notice his bottom lip...we all had a good laugh watching him try to drink out of a straw.  In fact his poor mouth was so numb that he was drooling while watching TV and had no idea.  Ha! Ha! 

My Sick Little Gavin
I felt so bad for Gavin today.  Normally when he stays home sick he is up an running before kids get home from school but not today.  He  felt so yucky that I found him asleep on the bathroom floor.

I tried to wake him up and carry him to his bed but he didn't want to move.  Instead, I got him his pillow and blanket and he slept most of the afternoon on the floor.  Poor little guy.  I felt so bad for him and was even going to run and pick up some sprite at the store but, he didn't want me to go.

So, as you can see, all of my great ambitions for today were quickly put to rest by having all of my kids home from school and needing my attention.
I was just

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

I love the enthusiasm my kids have on the first day of school.  They get up on time, put on their new clothes, eat breakfast, and are ready to head out the door at least 15 minutes early.  I only wish they had that kind of enthusiasm for the other 200+ days of school.
I also anxiously wait for them to run through the door to find out how their day went - you just never know.
Today I was so excited...When I asked how their day was both of them shouted "It was the best day EVER!  My teacher is the COOLEST!" 
Why is their teacher the "Coolest"?  Britton's teacher jokes around a lot, gives "fun" homework if homework at all, doesn't give homework on Friday, tells a lot of stories, they only have to read 10 minutes in English each day and 10 minutes in Spanish each day, and he was in the army so "if we ever have a lock down, he can protect us".
Gavin's teacher is really nice, gave him gummie bears, he only picked up his pencil maybe twice today, and didn't give them homework.

Started the 3rd grade this year
It is his second year in the Spanish Immersion program
He still does not like homework or reading
He loves to be outside playing sports and riding his bike
He is playing competition soccer this year
His favorite sports are soccer, football and basketball
He is currently reading The Lightening Thief series
He loves listening to music, being silly and "bugging" his brother and sister
He is silly, sweet, sensitive, athletic,and smart and has a very contagious giggle

Started the 5th Grade this year
It is his 4th year in the Spanish Immersion Program
He LOVES to read, play video games, and watch TV
He loves having late nights and hanging out with friends
It is his 2nd year playing competition soccer for the Rage
His favorite sports are soccer and basketball
He likes school but doesn't want anyone to know
He will only dance and do silly "moves" at home
He is a great friend, smart, can speak and understand Spanish, sensitive, a great soccer player, and is growing up way to fast
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Gavin is 8

We just celebrated Gavin's 8th birthday! 
I can't believe how fast time seems to be flying by and I am having a really hard time letting go of my "little" boy.  He has been anticipating his birthday for at least 3 months now and he was So excited to get exactly what he has been asking for.....a Dinner with grilled chicken, snicker salad, rolls, corn on the cob, and asphalt pie, Money and a NEW Bike.

Britton and Addi gave Gavin a much needed new bike helmet.
This also served as a distraction while Jason brought Gavin's mountain bike around back.

I am so glad he LOVED it!  He jumped on and rode around until it got dark and then was up early the next morning riding again.

For his PARTY we took all of his friend to a park in American Fork and slid for 2 hours down an ENORMOUS water slide.  

We at Gavin's favorite flavor of popsicles (cherry mango) , opened presents, and sent everyone home with a new beach towel and dog tags.
It was a perfect way to celebrate a summer birthday - Hot Sun, Water, Friends and Food!