Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fine Art


I now have new artwork on my wall.

This morning Addisyn had two pieces of paper in her hand and asked me for the glue. I gave it to her and she asked if she could glue it to the counter. I obviously told her "no" to which she was not very happy. I explained that she could glue the paper to a magazine or another piece of paper. She didn't like that idea either BUT, when I left her she was happily putting glue all over the back of the paper and kept telling me "that's not enough". She seemed content and I forgot that she was playing with glue. I am not sure how much time went by before she came and found me -BEFORE - I got to the kitchen and asked "Mama, can you get me a paper towel so I can get it wet? Please mama, Please." I said yes, Why do you need to clean up a mess? and without batting an eye she said "Yes". We got into the kitchen and apparently she forgot about the paper towel an so did I until Britton and Gavin came in and saw the pictures on the wall. Not only did she glue the paper to the wall, she drew a picture on one of them with PERMANENT marker!
Does it ever end!?!
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Style N Glitz

My Sister-In-Law Gina has been working really hard to get her new business started.  It is called
Style N Glitz
She just held a boutique today and asked if I would take some pictures of some of her products for people to look at and get an idea of how to wear them.
So, Check it out:

She makes super cute leg warmers for infants, toddlers and teens.  They can be worn above the knee like tights or below the knee, and they look darling with boots, shoes or flip flops.
Leg Warmers

Arm Warmers
They are also super fun to wear as arm warmers.  Instead of layering another shirt, you can put these up over your arms to coordinate with your outfit and create a whole new look.


I thought this idea was really cute.  She has what she calls "Three Little Pigs" which is a set of three flowers - 1 medium size and 2 small size flowers that can be worn three different ways.
1.  Wear 1 flower alone on a headband or side ponytail        
2.  Wear 2 small flowers (One on each "fun bun" or pony tail)
3.  Clip all 3 flowers to a headband and wear them together.  

She also makes the larger flowers that can be worn in your hair or clipped to a hat, and more vintage looking flowers.

Addisyn ablsolutely LOVES the leg warmers/arm warmers and would rather wear those than have to put leggings on or a long sleeved shirt.

If you are interested let me know - they are a really fun way to change the look of an outfit.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I have definitely seen some really strange things while driving down the road....I have even seen some people doing some really stupid/strange things while they are driving.  BUT, the other day I was heading to Sandy to meet some friends at Jordan Commons for a Girls Night Out.  As I was driving down Redwood road, I got behind a small, green car that appeared to have a passenger in the back seat.  The only problem was, this "passenger" NEVER moved - I mean NEVER!!!!!  Yup, stiff as a board.  Hmmmmmm....upon closer examination...the lady had a manikin head - yes, JUST THE HEAD, mounted to the center of her back seat.  Maybe you think she is a genious for figuring out a way to access the carpool lane as a single passenger vehicle - and MAYBE she is.  But I think it was just CREEPY to be driving around with a fake, plastic, balding head mounted to the back seat of her car.  My only regret...that I was too preoccupied trying to figure out why there was a manikin mounted to her seat to pull out my phone and take a picture of it.


This is one of my all-time FAVORITE Pictures.

I have always loved pictures taken of just the grandparents and grandchildren but I had never thought of taking a picture with my aunt and her great nieces and nephews.

It was definitely a challenge - mad kids, crying kids, uncooperative kids, but in the end all we needed was one good picture.
Mia (my niece), Britton, Trevon (my nephew), Gavin, Earlene (my Aunt), and Addisyn

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick, Messy, Fun...

If you need something for your kids to do without adult supervision...

However, if you are looking for something that is fun, easy and different and don't mind a little mess..... but them a Tie Dye Kit.

My sister was kind enough to give my kids one for Christmas - Knowing they would LOVE IT!!!!
So, I thought I would let her enjoy the fun to and waited until she and her kids could have FUN with it too.

As expected - the Kids loved it and thought it was the funnest thing they had ever done.  Each one of them had their own t-shirt and to our surprise, it was a lot of fun even with the mess.
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I LOVE the snow!

I love the way it looks when it is floating, in big flakes, 
down to the ground.

I Love how the trees and bushes are tansformed when they are covered in snow.

I Love how there seems to be a calmness in the air as it snows.

I Love how it transforms the yucky, dead grass, trees and bushes into something that feels magical.

I LOVE trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.


I LOVE playing in the snow.....

I LOVE pulling my kids in a sled behind the 4-wheeler in my parents back yard.

I LOVE the sheer JOY on their faces as they fly over bumps, tip and turn around obstacles, and see how long they can hold on to the back of sled while they drag behind it.
I LOVE building a snowman and seeing the AWE and EXCITEMENT my kids have once it is finished.


I LOVE that no matter how old we get, we can be silly, eat snow, go tubing/sledding while screaming and laughing out loud the whole time, make snow angels, have snowball fights like we did when we were kids an NO ONE says a word or looks at you like you are crazy!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Family Photo

Just before Christmas last year (2009) my aunt asked if I could take a picture of her with her siblings.  Of course I said yes, I would do anything for these 3 amazing people - one of them being my mom .  Not just because they are related, but they are like having a second and third set of parents.

I have been fortunate enough to grow up with an aunt and an uncle who consider me and my siblings as there own children and I have always known I could count on them to be there for us if we needed them.

Earlene, Scott and JoAnn (my mom)

It was so much fun "trying" to take pictures of these three.  They were almost as cooperative as my own kids.  While trying to take pictures, they kep pulling goofy faces, laughing, and messing around.  In fact, I was laughing so hard at them that I was having a hard time taking the pictures.
It was nice to see my mom and her siblings enjoy their time together, step back from their everyday responsibilities and just relax and have fun.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tutu's and Tap Shoes

Addi had her first dance program in December. She was so excited to show us the cute little routine they had been learning in class as well as her leaps, plie's, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position, etc.

It was the cutest thing to see her excitement, her little shy smile, and her beaming smile when she completed each part of the program and noticed her mom, dad, brothers and grandma and grandpa watching and cheering her on.

Addi did an amazing job on her first performance
she LOVES dancing!!!

Welcome To....


I obviously have not looked at my blog for a LONG time...not that I don't think about it ALL of the time - I just haven't done much with it.  I had a little free time today and thought I would make an attempt at bringing my blog a little more up-to-date.  To my suprise...I found this St. George post in my Drafts.  Yes, I had COMPLETELY forgotten I had even started it.

For my birthday, back in December, Jason decided to suprise me with a trip to one of our favorite places, St. George.  He had planned everything.  Condo arrangements, food, activities, etc.  He had everyday planned around the things I LOVE - sleeping, shopping, mountain biking, hiking and time in the sun (or at least the hope of a little warmer weather away from the snow).

Much to his disappointment, the weather in St. George was not only COLD, it was - FREEZING!!!
Most of his plans had to be changed due to the weather.
We still went shopping (he's such a good sport), he still let me sleep in every day, and we still went hiking - In the snow.

However, instead of mountain biking and time in the sun he took me caving.  I have only been caving once in the Nutty Putty caves, which are now closed due to someone getting trapped and dieing (no biggie right - NOT) so it was a little creepy at first - I don't love the dark or the unkown and putting the two together is twice as bad.  But Jason is super patient and enthusiastic - I would even say crazy at times.  He appears to have no fear climbing and exploring while I held back and let him check things out first. 

Even with the bad weather we had a great time.  It was a much needed break from the caziness of life, kids, being a mom, schedules, cleaning, cooking etc. 
Jason is so great and knew exactly what I needed for my birthday!
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