Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nanny for a Week!


Thanks to my super AWESOME husband and my amazing mom, I got to fly out to Seattle for a week and help my sister with her adorable new baby and two kids while her husband was on a Trek with the youth in their ward.
Mia and Trevon kept me busy from the minute I landed at the airport.  They immediately took pictures with my camera, we took a walk UP (literally - they live just above the Seattle Science Center and the Space Needle) to the park where Trevon and Mia took me on a "shortcut" their dad takes them on (definitely NOT a short cut but a sly move to keep them busy for longer) and played for hours.  Most of the days were rainy so Trevon and I did a lot of puzzles, played with Lego's, pretended to be monsters etc. and Mia and I played SEVERAL games of Kids Skip-bo.

Of course what would a rainy day be without a little baking.  We made yummy chocolate chip cookies while mom and Daxton slept.  (And, things do cook differently at sea level than they do at high altitude)
Mia and Trevon had fun hiding behind signs at the Sea hawks and Sounders Stadium while I was shopping for souvenirs in the Pro Shop.

The Pier 
Sam, Mary's husband, is amazing and Mary and I were able to get out for a Girls Night.  We went to one of my FAVORITE Thai food places, Thai Toms, went to some of the crazy souvenir shops along the pier, and played at the arcade.

Mary insisted that I play the race car game - I think she thought she would beat me since all of the driving games make me dizzy, BUT......Ha! Ha! she was fooled - I won! However, we played what I thought was a mouse version of whack-a-mole but later found out that instead of hitting EVERYTHING that pops up, you are only supposed to hit the mice and not the cats.  Hmmm.....I think Mary purposely didn't tell me that part so she could win.  Regardless, we had a great time walking, talking, shopping and playing at the arcade.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Party Time!

I absolutely LOVE my calling -
Primary Teacher!!!!

This year I get to teach the 6 -7 year olds and they are so much fun.
At the beginning of the year we made class rules and talked about how we should all behave in church and class. To re-emphasize those rules, we read a story about a town called Bugville and discussed how each different bug acted and which one we wanted to be like. One of the rules the class came up with was walking with "marshmallow feet". So, I bought mini marshmallows and a large Mason jar and we decided that when they followed the class rules they would earn marshmallows to put in the jar.
Once it was full they would earn a class PARTY!

Giant slip-n-slide in the back yard, pool filled with water, sprinkler under the trampoline, a game of Exterminator Tag (the "Exterminator" chased the "ants" with a spray bottle and if the "ant" got hit with water, they were a "dead ant" and had to sit on a beach towel until all of the other "ants were dead), a relay game carrying bugs on a fly swatter, read the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", and had snacks (otter pops, gummy worms, and bug juice).

The Girls

The Boys

We all had SO much FUN!  It was a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon.
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