Friday, July 8, 2011

Party Time!

I absolutely LOVE my calling -
Primary Teacher!!!!

This year I get to teach the 6 -7 year olds and they are so much fun.
At the beginning of the year we made class rules and talked about how we should all behave in church and class. To re-emphasize those rules, we read a story about a town called Bugville and discussed how each different bug acted and which one we wanted to be like. One of the rules the class came up with was walking with "marshmallow feet". So, I bought mini marshmallows and a large Mason jar and we decided that when they followed the class rules they would earn marshmallows to put in the jar.
Once it was full they would earn a class PARTY!

Giant slip-n-slide in the back yard, pool filled with water, sprinkler under the trampoline, a game of Exterminator Tag (the "Exterminator" chased the "ants" with a spray bottle and if the "ant" got hit with water, they were a "dead ant" and had to sit on a beach towel until all of the other "ants were dead), a relay game carrying bugs on a fly swatter, read the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", and had snacks (otter pops, gummy worms, and bug juice).

The Girls

The Boys

We all had SO much FUN!  It was a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon.
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skcoe said...

Aw Kerry, that's so cute! Good memories for the kids in your class. :)