Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Girl Time

A little while ago I got to watch my friend Nicole's darling girls. We all had a great time painting our toenails and of course, Addi and Jayda had to have every color, which meant that each toe and each fingernail were a different color. It was so much fun having a house full of girls playing girly games, singing and dancing to music, playing barbies and babies, and playing so sweet and quiet.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Addi!

Addisyn turned 4 on Saturday, September 11th.  Every time we told her happy birthday, she kept insisting that she was 3 NOT 4 and that it WAS NOT her birthday.  On our way to soccer games that morning we passed the church which was surrounded by flags for 9/11.  We started talking about it and what it was and when we said September Addi said, "September?! my birthday is September!"  It actually took us most of the day to really convince her that it was her birthday.

The Cake

Addi doesn't really like cake but she LOVES Oreos!  I decided to make her a "cake" made by stacking the Oreos into a tower and putting candles on top.  She LOVED it!  Instead of ice cream and cake, we had ice cream and Oreos.

The Presents 

Addi was so excited to open everything she has been wanting and asking for for weeks - The books Pinkalicious and Purplelicious, The Polly Pocket Glamper, a Leapster from Grandma and Grandpa, and a new helmet for her NEW BIKE!

The Bike

I LOVE this little girl.  She has definitely been my 9-1-1 baby from day one and I am grateful everyday for her.  She is silly, sassy, stubborn, smart, happy, loving, sensitive, independent, and mischievous.  I LOVE the way she says "Scunscreen" and "Smarshmallows".  I LOVE her "fancy" walk.  I LOVE how she bats her eyes and says "please momma, please" and then grins because she knows EXACTLY what she is doing.  I LOVE how she calls her brothers "my boys" and her dad "dadda".  I LOVE that she refers to Jesus as "My friend Jesus" like she knows him personally.  I LOVE everything about her - even though she cut her hair!  AHHH!

Happy Birthday Addi!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Daughter has a MULLET!!!!

Need I say More?!?!

Addisyn walked into the kitchen Sunday afternoon as if nothing were different, no sign of embarrassment or shame, but looked at me without saying a word until I noticed IT!
Sadly, I almost didn't notice it.  I was in the middle of getting dinner ready. When I did notice, I did a double take, and with my eyes WIDE open asked "What Happened to your Hair?!?"
I feel so bad because she got this sad little look on her face when she said she had cut it.  She was sad because she knew I didn't love it and because she KNEW she was not supposed to have her scissors.  Needless to say, she was quite tidy.  She had put all of her hair into the garbage can and had put her scissors away without being told and the best part is, knowing that I was still in shock, she just kept trying to comfort me by saying, "It's alright mom, hair will grow back."

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet and "SASSY"!

Addisyn FINALLY got to start school on Tuesday.  Talk about torture!  Her brothers started two weeks ago and she has been asking when she gets to go to school everyday since then.

She was so excited to wear her new "school clothes" that have been hanging in her closet for weeks.  She got up and picked out her pink and black striped outfit, and her shiny pink "school shoes".  When I told her she could just grab her pink flip flops she informed me that she couldn't wear THOSE shoes to school - and said "I need my pink "SCHOOL SHOES". 
Before we headed out the door, Addi had to load her Tinkerbell back pack full of "important" and "necessary" items from her room like her blanket, barbies, stuffed animals, barbie and doll combs, bouncy balls and various other random toys she could quickly find to put in there.
Addisyn confidently walked right into school, found her backpack hook and walked right to her seat.
There was absolutely no hesitation.  She was so excited to be going to school like her brothers.

Addisyn LOVES school!  However, when I asked her how school was and if she loved it she answered with a sigh and a little drama to her voice "yes,...but I don't like my teacher".  Why?  "Well, I just don't like having to go up and down the stairs - it just makes my legs SO tired". 
She seriously cracks me up everyday. And her first day of school pictures say it all!
Sweet, and Sassy with a little Attitude!