Monday, January 11, 2010

Night out with the Boys

The boys have been dying to go to a Jazz Game so when Jason called and said one of his clients had given him tickets we were all excited. Britton and Gavin were so hyper and giddy that they could hardly wait to get inside the arena. We were so close to the floor you could hear Carlos Boozer yell every time he shot the ball.

We all had such a great time and it was a much needed night out with just the boys.
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Addi and Mayci at it AGAIN!

Did somebody say PARTY!!!!
Apparently I didn't get the memo.

I finally had a day to clean the cushions for my deck furniture before I put them away for the winter. Addi and Mayci wanted to play and I figured it was no big deal - they play really well together and entertain each other. They are always busy and today was no exception. I had told them that I would be downstairs cleaning cushions so they needed to entertain themselves and not keep asking me for things.

They had been upstairs playing for a LONG time and then they started coming downstairs. Each time they came down they went to the toys and took loads upstairs. When I asked what they were doing they said "We're having a party!" At that point I was so close to having all of the cushions cleaned that I didn't even want to know what they were really doing until I had finished. By the time I went upstairs to to see their "PARTY", they had covered the family room floor, the hallway, and the front room floor with everything from blankets, to decorations, balloons, toys.....YOU NAME IT - THEY HAD IT! Party dresses, princess music and all.

You just never now what these two girls are going to do when they get together - or by themselves for that matter.
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Creative Genius'


Ok, so these pictures were taken back in October but when I came across them today I thought...Hmmmm.
I know my kids are creative and constantly coming up with new ways to do things but skateboarding down the rock wall....

Before I got the camera out they actually had another board that started at the top of the rock stairs and overlapped the bottom board. By the time I had my camera, and after several attempts, they decided that it wasn't such a great idea and ditched the top board. - THANKFULLY! - They were having SO much fun that all I could say was "if you are going to do that, AT LEAST go put your helmets on." - Obviously they chose to ignore that motherly advice.

While the boys were "skateboarding", Addi found one of her favorite spots and made herself at home in a pile of dirt. So much for keeping a cute little girl clean. And as usual, she "posed" for pictures.
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