Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Whole Lot of Something

Anyone else have pictures like these on your camera?
Apparently, my kids have been having a lot of fun with my camera while I am not looking!
Just a whole lot of randomness and it makes me laugh!!!!

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Britton's Birthday

I CAN'T believe that Britton turned 11 this month!
He is growing up so fast and as excited as I am and as much fun as this soon to be Teenage is, I am still a little sad.  He is already almost as tall as me, can already wear my shoes - wears my indoor soccer shoes to play futsal and steals my super warm socks to snowboard and snowshoe in.  He thinks it is GREAT and I LOVE the big smile that comes across his face every time he realizes how tall he is getting compared to me.

Britton LOVES soccer and wanted a soccer ball cake.  I had originally decided to make a soccer ball as well as his soccer Jersey but....the ball took a little longer than I had anticipated so the Soccer Jersey cake is still sitting in the freezer waiting to be decorated.

The Cake

The Presents

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