Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heat Wave!

Anybody else's house this HOT!?!?!?!?

I knew it was going to be hot without an air conditioner but seriously.......88 deg. inside.  I will definitely appreciate the air conditioner once we can use it again.  Right now it is completely disconnected from the house. ...So not even an option. When we started the basement we decided to move the air conditioner to a different location AND pour cement. So.....unless we get the cement work prepped and ready to pour soon, it is going to be a VERRRRY LONG, HOT summer.


Fugal Family said...

I get super grumpy when I'm hot so that would not be an option for me! I hope you get to use your a/c soon!

skcoe said...

KERRY! That sounds miserable...come and visit us or we'll meet at Seven Peaks and for ice cream! (Our AC iced up the past 2 days so we had to turn the HEATER on to melt it. Just kill me. Yay for a cool basement!)