Monday, April 25, 2011

Addi's First Soccer Game

Addisyn has been SO excited for soccer to start. Every time we have to go to one of Britton's or Gavin's practices or games, she asks "When is MY soccer?" She finally had her first practice on Thursday and LOVED it!
She played her first game on Saturday. Unfortunately, I had to miss it because I was coaching Britton's game in Provo at the same time.
However, all I could do was laugh when I called Jason to see how her game was going. She apparently was playing really well but got tripped by a boy on the other team. When she got up she was upset and frustrated. Jason told her she was OK and just to go play the game. Well, apparently she didn't think it was OK so she jogged to the other side of the field and shoved the kid that tripped her. (She did NOT learn that from me). Jason finally had to tell the two of them that there was "no fighting" and they both went back to playing the game. Ha! Ha! I guess it is good to know she can hold her own - after all, why wouldn't she, she has two older brothers.

I called again when her game was over to talk to her but all I got was the silent treatment. She didn't want to talk about it. When I asked her what was wrong she quietly, but adamantly said "I'm just a little upset!" Why?......."because they kept scoring and I didn't want them to! Of course I was sympathetic....who EVER wants the other team to score?!?!... Not me. When I asked if she scored any goals she said with a mad little voice "yes, but for the OTHER team."

Addisyn was in a much better mood when I got home and told me ALL about her game and how much fun it was. Then she took me into the back yard and showed me how good she was at dribbling the ball and how fast she could go.
I love her little competitive spirit and her determination. I cannot wait to watch her game next week!
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