Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homecoming Parade/Powder Puff Game

Isn't this the COOLEST haircut EVER!?!?!?!

According to Addi it is SO cool!  We were sitting, waiting for the homecoming parade to start when I kept hearing Addi say "Mom..., Mom...."  I turned around to see her pointing to this man sitting a couple of benches in front of us and saying " Isn't that SO cool!  I like the way it is shaved all on the top and has hair just around the bottom and the sides."  My response was obviously "YES! should we take a picture of it?"   She was so excited and who wouldn't be to see such an awesome haircut!

Yes, the boys look like they are auditioning to be the next Ronald McDonald but in reality they are just showing their school pride.  They got to be in the homecoming parade this year with the kids from their school and it just so happens that their school colors are gold and red.

These two crack me up.  They were more interested in playing and pulling silly faces than they were anything else - AND....finding older men with COOL haircuts!

Powder  Puff Cheerleaders
These guys were the most exciting and entertaining part of the night.  OK, the flag football game was alright but seriously, some of these boys were having WAY too much fun prancing around in their cheer leading uniforms which made it that much more fun to watch.
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skcoe said...

Britton and Gavin looked GREAT, and I'm laughing my head off at those funny!

mary said...

Dude.... you have GOT to update your blog!!! I keep looking and seeing the same old bald head stare back at me!!! :):)

Mike H. said...

Although it's been a few years now, these are great pictures of the "cheerleaders" - you're right they do seem to be enjoying themselves, especially the boy in white with the barette in his hair and the super short skirt. Just look at him. Did you get any more pictures or do you know if there is a video? "Powder puff cheer" has become a thing and there are actually some pretty good routines out there. Thanks for posting!